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Everyone needs a stable, reliable, and consistently good place for lunch. You know, for when you aren’t sure precisely what you feel like – but you know it’s not a food court or banh mi kind of day. You want something good, and you don’t want to be guessing about it. There needs to be some good options there, but also that fall back fave/bff/bae (delete as applicable) that you may have ordered so many times the wait staff ask if you want that (again). It needs to be applicable for pretty much all weather, you can dress it up with some wine if you want, but simple table water is just as applicable. And finally, it’s not going to break the bank.

I went a long time without ever going to Borsa. It wasn’t until a chance lunch invitation that I ended up there, and I went with some trepidation. For me, paying good money for pasta had seemed a bit of a waste of time. I mean, it was normally an after thought dish on a menu that really didn’t appeal too greatly. You could almost hear the menu discussion going on: “Oh better chuck some boring chicken pasta thing on there too. Yeah, some generic cheese sauce would be ideal

20170209_121529-02-resized-1024But oh how my mind has changed since then. How wrong can a person be is now defined by my opinion on this.

My transformed view has meant I have been regularly over the last 2 years or so. I have dragged others there, taken the work team there for lunch and sung their praises to all who will listen. It is, quite literally, always in the mix of ‘where should we go for lunch’ discussions.

And yet – strangely – I have never put pen to paper (so to speak). And I don’t really understand why….

This really hits the sweet spot for all areas. Their food, first and foremost, is exceptionally tasty. The quality of the pasta, made fresh on site (with a couple of minor exceptions which are imported dried pastas from Italy) is top notch. The ingredients they pair it with are brilliantly thought out and executed, with traditional flavour combinations ruling the day. Thier menu hasn’t changed at all in this time, but then I don’t want them to either. Specials are always on offer, which adds additional complications to the already difficult decision, but then there are a couple of dishes they have that, if I stop and think about it, I can still taste as though I had just finished it.

20170519_122537-01-resized-1024Service I have banged on about many times, but it really doesn’t get much better than here. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, animated and professional. This has been consistent every single time we have been there. And no matter how busy they are, no matter the size of the group or present company, there is never any rush or panic, no disorder, no mistakes and no change to their demeanour. It really is something to be highly commended.

Their wine list is very smart too, showing some really interesting Italian wines as well as some more local fare. By the glass or bottle, there will be something to suit your palate and meal.

20170519_122530-01-resized-1024Finally, there is great value to be had here. Most pastas are around the $20-24 range, and even their other meals are only $26. Plus,you get some delicious fresh, warm bread with oil to kick things off.

Never again will I think that pasta isn’t worth paying good money for. But now my issue is, if I want pasta, why would I bother going anywhere else? Solved one problem, and created another…..

Borsa are located at 1/25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. They are open Monday to Friday 11:30 till 3:00pm, and Friday and Saturday nights 5:30pm – 10:30pm.

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