Cafe Brunelli

Looking at my Instagram feed, you would swear that lately all I have done recently is eat pizza and drink beer.

Not that there is any issue with that at all.

So just to continue the trend, I offer you some words about another pizza place, and this time an old favourite – Brunelli. This wood oven pizza venue has been a long standing go-to, be it for a couple of people and a summer evening pizza, or a work function feeding a few more. They have always done the job, time in and time out.

So there really isn’t much I can say that you (probably) don’t already know.

I think the main thing about Brunelli is that its dependable. They are consistent. They deliver quality food, with decent quantities, for a good price, every single time you go in there.

This doesn’t mean they should be ignored though – far from it. Just because somewhere does a good job, and have been doing it for a long time, this should be applauded and respected, not overlooked in the search of something new. 

Back in the day, Brunelli used to be called Cafe Buongiornos. They sold great wood fired pizza. Nothing pretentious, but fantastic flavour and options. A quick change of the sign, reprint the cover of the menu. Back to work, business as usual. Delicious pizza rolling out of the ovens.

They are like that old pair of jeans hanging in the cupboard. They might be a bit discoloured in places, and the hems are just starting to fray a little. But they are comfortable. They have history. There are memories in there. Good memories. You keep them in the cupboard because you know there are more to be made.

Really, the bottom line is this. Don’t forget about somewhere like Brunelli. When you are thinking about getting some great pizza, sure there are some places that play the social media game better. There are certainly some that have a more interesting interior (no offence to Brunelli of course, but its more functional than flash). But its the food that matters, and on this front, Brunelli are embarrassed by nobody.

Cafe Brunelli are located at 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide. Open seven days for breakfast till late. 

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