Kaffana Burger


Back in the deep, dark history of the world, this blog was all about burgers. And why not? They are the complete food group after all. In pursuit of this, quite literally hundreds of burgers were consumed over a few years, resulting in a rather intimate knowledge of Adelaide’s burger scene. One of the highlights amongst all this goodness was ...

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The Moseley

The sliders reporting for duty

The Moseley rose from the ashes of the Dublin Hotel a couple of years ago, however we hadn’t crossed their threshold until this very visit. Immediately it impressed with its refit – gone was the dark and moody setting of before, and instead we have space, light and a touch more refinement. The restaurant area downstairs was particularly pleasant as ...

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Pink Moon Saloon


Now before we start – lets just get one thing out of the way. We love an abbreviation here at Burger Me. You know – Burger Theory could be BT. Rob Roy Hotel might become RRH, Bread and Bone turns into B&B through a review. You get the idea. Makes typing quicker, reading kind of easier and more akin with ...

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Bread & Bone – Three Little Pigs


We had been watching the hits ticking over towards the milestone mark of 100k for the last couple of weeks. Knowing that it was imminent, we made hasty arrangements for a celebratory lunch in anticipation that it would take place that morning. When we left the office it was a few short still, but having pulled up at the bar ...

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Chicken & Pig – Pork Panini


As the growth in Adelaide eateries continues seemingly unabated, the previously largely overlooked strip of Pirie Street has seen the opening of 3 new venues in a short space of time. Oggi, a pasta and wine bar; Abbots and Kinney, a bakery/patisserie; and now the subject of this post, the simply titled Chicken and Pig.

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The Taxpayer – Nicholas Cage (Porchetta Burger – May special)


In this review we are looking at the second monthly special burger from The Taxpayer, the Nicholas Cage. If you need reminding, the other special is the brilliant flathead burger, named Lauren Hill. We won’t go on to describe The Taxpayer to you again. Suffice to say it’s an excellent burger and booze bar on Victoria Square, but if you ...

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Kaffana – Beef Burger & The Kaffana

Beef Burger (foreground) and the Kaffana lurking at the back

Pfffft. Pfffft. Pfffft. Thats the sound of us tearing up the rules and understanding of just what makes a great burger. At least, we have picked out certain chapters and decided that they no longer apply any more. Because based on what Kaffana dished up with the two burgers we are reviewing here, its almost hypocritical what we are about to ...

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Kaffana – Traditional Burger

Kaffana - Traditional Burger

Back to Peel Street we go for another look at a relatively new venue, Kaffana. I hadnt heard of it until I saw the story about 7 new bars in Adelaide, and then discovering they had a weekday burger special on, I quickly decided what my lunch was going to be.

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