Café Assiette


Café Assiette was a place we went to a LONG LONG time ago when we first moved to Adelaide. This was over 10 years ago now, and despite being suitably impressed from that visit, we have only been back once since before now. This has nothing to do with how good it was at the time either…. I cannot explain ...

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Burgerland at the Hackney – Wagyu Burger


Let’s just get one thing out there – you would think, being a burger blog, we would have made our way to a place called “Burgerland”, like bees to a honey pot, as soon as we knew of its existence. Throw in the fact they won best pub burger in 2013, and you would naturally assume we would be all ...

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Maximilians/Sidewood Estate – Max’s Burger

Certainly presents nicely

Sidewood Estate Cellar Door 21 June 2015 I have driven past Maximillian’s restaurant and the Sidewood Cellar Door probably thousands of times.  I’ve heard many a brilliant thing about the place in general, not to mention the fantastic views and delicious wines.  Today was a chilly winter’s day in Adelaide but the sun was out and lunch beckoned. What better ...

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Burger Foundry – Staff Burger


Burger Foundry have been touted as the original ‘new wave’ burger bar, being at the cutting edge of the growth in popularity, quality and sophistication of the Adelaide Burger scene. At least that is what I have read on the internet, so it must be true, right?

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Grill’d – Field of Dreams


We have yet to visit the Adelaide Grill’d, however this is a review based on a recent trip to Sydney. Of course, being a chain this should, in theory, be representative of what they are going to be offering all over the country. That is largely the point of a chain of restaurants, after all.

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The Robin Hood Hotel – The Hood Burger

Robin Hood Hotel - Hood Burger

With winter being what it has been – cold and wet – we decided a pub trip for a beer and a burger would be a more than acceptable way to spend an evening. Out of the pubs nearby it was decided that the Robin Hood would be a good fit. It is a great pub that has always delivered ...

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Stirling Hotel – Crispy Salt and Pepper Chicken Burger

Stirling Hotel - Crispy Chicken

Our love for the Stirling Hotel is well entrenched, as you can see commented on in our other review. One member of the Burger Me team (specifically myself) used to live at Upper Sturt, and as such a trek to the Stirling was a fairly regular occurrence (pre children at least). Without exception the experience had been excellent leading up ...

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The Stirling Hotel – Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Stirling Hotel - Double Cheeseburger

I love the Stirling Hotel. In my view it has really never faulted on any particular level. The hotel is situated in picturesque Stirling – funnily enough – a truly beautiful Adelaide hills township. They offer a variety of tap beers, both mainstream and craft style, and also have a very notable and impressive wine list for a “pub”. Pizzas ...

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