Kaffana Burger

Back in the deep, dark history of the world, this blog was all about burgers. And why not? They are the complete food group after all. In pursuit of this, quite literally hundreds of burgers were consumed over a few years, resulting in a rather intimate knowledge of Adelaide’s burger scene.

Cheese and bacon burger

One of the highlights amongst all this goodness was visiting Kaffana for their burgers. This isn’t just lip service either. You can read all about the review from that prior visit here, but suffice to say it was one that really stuck in my mind. They were just different. Doing their own thing, not trying to be your ‘typical’ American style burger. But all the better for it.

So it was exciting to see that Kaffana were starting up a pop-up, creatively titled Kaffana Burger. Located just across the way from their “proper” restaurant on Peel Street, Kaffana Burger shows a lot of wood and open space, essential for making the most of the great remaining weather of Autumn.

The Kaffana spread

Burger options are not extensive, with the “Kaffana Burger” (beef and pork patty, tomato, lettuce, havarti cheese, onion and thousand island dressing) sitting next to the simple “The Cheese and Bacon Burger” (beef patty, American cheese, pickles, onion and spicy bbq sauce), and an equally creatively named “Chicken Burger” (chicken, bacon, coleslaw, havarti cheese and mayo). There is also a chorizo hotdog if these dont whet your appetite.

All burgers are served with chips and will deduct $15 from your account. Add in a pint of Young Henry’s and this will increase to the quite acceptable $20.

The Kaffana Burger

The end result of this is much as before. Flavour, flavour and some more flavour for good measure. The rolls really are the thing that sets this off – they are house made and simply fantastic.  

They aren’t here to be pontificated over though – sitting in the warmth of another lovely day, drinking a delicious ale and eating one of these creations – you just cannot go wrong. Enjoyment and deliciousness.

Get on it before it goes away.

For the record – to dust off the burger review hat once more – I will give the Kaffana Burger an easy 9.2. The Cheese and Bacon slots in with a 9.0. The chips were also on point, and the beers just great.

Kaffana Burger are located opposite 23 Peel Street, Adelaide.

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