Lost in a Forest 

Set amongst the trees and hidden away in the beautiful village of Uraidla is one of the Adelaide Hills best kept secrets.

20170129_133146-01-resized-960.jpgWood oven pizza is a bit dime-a-dozen these days, so this alone is not enough to raise any eyebrows. An old church being the main building and kitchen is an interesting feature, as is allowing patrons to simply throw down a (supplied) rug and cushions on the lawn. Super friendly and courteous ‘table service’ is still afforded to all, which is also very nice touch.

Throw into this mix a fantastic menu of gourmet pizzas, made near perfectly, an interesting local wine and beverage list, and now you have a story.

Rather than dealing with a crazy throng of people at a Crush event, we opted to investigate the oft considered (but till now overlooked) Lost in a Forest instead. They were fully booked inside for the whole day (so obviously this is a pretty well known secret), so we pulled up a rug and cushions outside. Despite the heat, we found it perfectly comfortable in some carefully selected shade. A few minutes later we had a glass of Chardonnay and a cider in hand, food ordered, and just some relaxing on the grass to do.

20170129_135244-01-resized-960.jpgTough life I know.

Now, the service wasn’t super fast by any stretch, however we didn’t care. In fact, if it was up to me, I would have chilled out there all afternoon. And maybe into the evening. Perhaps just moved in and camped on the lawn.

When the food did arrive it absolutely didn’t disappoint. Two vegetarian pizzas were the order of the day, with the ‘shroom and market garden being selected. A trio of mushrooms with Shropshire blue cheese, sage and truffle salt was simply too tantalising to overlook, and the combination was just as good as expected. For those not familiar with Shropshire, please correct this ASAP. It is life changing.

20170129_135332-01-resized-960.jpgThe Market Garden is comprised of housemade pesto on the base, fire roasted capsicum, fennel and eggplant, treece mozzarella, lemon myrtle salt and a young chevre. This was arguably even better, depending on who you asked. For me though, it was a little like choosing your favourite child.

20170129_131447-01-resized-960.jpgThere are other non-vegetarian options of course, including the rather intriguing bahn mi, complete with braised pulled pork, crackling, sriracha mayo and pickled vegetables. The buzzbomb also has their own ‘signature’ chilli infused honey holding hands with sopresso, passata sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. However you can peruse the menu for yourself.

The pizza bases were near perfection – and I only say near because is there such a thing? The sizes were good and the toppings of the highest quality. Sure, they aren’t cheap with prices ranging from $19 (margheritta) to $30 (Prawn Star), but you can see and taste the quality here.

Lost in a Forest is now, to cut very much to the chase, one of my absolute favourite Hills destinations. The relaxing ambience is a very large part of that, but it really is an irresistible mix of food, location and people that make it just so. But shhhhhh! Don’t tell everyone. Its a secret, remember.

Lost in a Forest is located at 1203 Greenhill Road, Uraidla.
They are open Thursday 5pm-9pm; Friday 12pm until late; Saturday and Sunday for breakfast from 8am till 11am; then 12pm until late for their ‘normal’ menu.

Lost in a Forest Website

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  1. Great review, thank you for your kind words. Hope to see you again soon!

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