A Foodie’s Guide to Adelaide


Traditionally famous for its lush vineyards and the mighty Murray River, South Australia is now making a name for itself in the restaurant scene. The once sleepy state has come alive with a slew of fresh and exciting new restaurants and bars, with quite a few award winners amongst them. We take a peek into some of the most enticing ...

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Maximilians/Sidewood Estate – Max’s Burger

Certainly presents nicely

Sidewood Estate Cellar Door 21 June 2015 I have driven past Maximillian’s restaurant and the Sidewood Cellar Door probably thousands of times.  I’ve heard many a brilliant thing about the place in general, not to mention the fantastic views and delicious wines.  Today was a chilly winter’s day in Adelaide but the sun was out and lunch beckoned. What better ...

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Recipe – Bacon Jam

Just look at that. Delish.

Bacon jam. Its one of those combinations of things that while it might sound initially a little strange, you just know that you want to have some. I mean, bacon is the thing that makes all savoury items just better, with all its…..bacony….bacon-ness. For example, consider this scenario: cheeseburger on a menu, followed by a (+ $3 add bacon). We ...

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Mlkman – Service Pre-Launch


Picture this scenario – week night, tired, hungry. Don’t have much food in the house, and couldn’t be bothered going shopping. Getting something delivered comes to mind, but commercial pizza pretty much your only option, and you want something better. Its not a difficult scenario to imagine, as I am sure we have all been there, probably many times. Why ...

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The Taxpayer – OJ Simpson


In conjunction with trying the July burger of the month, the quite excellent Marc Anthony, we also sampled the OJ Simpson. While not quite as endangered as food trucks are at the moment (see our opinion on this here) the burgers we have yet to try at the Taxpayer are definitely dwindling in numbers.

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Food Trucks – Adelaide’s latest endangered species


Over the last couple of years we have witnessed some back and forth in general media circles surrounding the existence and impact of food trucks in Adelaide. This centred around both the influence on the culture and vibrancy of the city, but also apparently the negative impact they were having on existing businesses. Indeed, we wrote a response to this ...

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