Pizza e Mozzarella Bar


There are so many variations around pizza. For something so simple – base, sauce (optional), toppings – there are endless option for what you can do. Pretty much if you can think of it, then someone, somewhere, would have tried it.  The classics are really where it is at though, and it is to these strengths that Pizza E Mozzarella ...

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The Taxpayer – Sliders and Cocktails menu


Cocktails are not your normal, first thought when it comes to food pairing beverages. Of course, there may be people out there who are shaking up a quick martini or cosmopolitan to have with their meals, but I feel quite safe in saying that this will be the exception rather than the rule. Anyone who fits into this category, then ...

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Burganomix is the latest addition to the burger bar scene in Adelaide, and another to situate themselves in Glenelg. It has some prime real estate too, being right at the start of Moseley Square, just off Jetty Road.

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The Moseley

The sliders reporting for duty

The Moseley rose from the ashes of the Dublin Hotel a couple of years ago, however we hadn’t crossed their threshold until this very visit. Immediately it impressed with its refit – gone was the dark and moody setting of before, and instead we have space, light and a touch more refinement. The restaurant area downstairs was particularly pleasant as ...

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Exeter Hotel


This is a pub in the classic sense of the term. Nothing overly fancy going on at all.  There is a bar for ordering food and drinks, a couple of spaces inside with some tables and chairs to keep your food off the ground, and some more out the front so everyone walking past can have a look at what ...

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Pink Moon Saloon


Now before we start – lets just get one thing out of the way. We love an abbreviation here at Burger Me. You know – Burger Theory could be BT. Rob Roy Hotel might become RRH, Bread and Bone turns into B&B through a review. You get the idea. Makes typing quicker, reading kind of easier and more akin with ...

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Rob Roy Hotel


When we heard on the grapevine that the crew behind The Taxpayer had acquired the Rob Roy Hotel, we were just a little excited by this.

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Holdfast Hotel

The Southern Fried Belle - not the most amazing looking burger, but its seriously great

A question. How many burgers do you think is too many on a pubs menu? 5? 8? Certainly double figures, for a pub, seems a bit silly. Even a burger bar pushing beyond the mid teens is maybe crossing into the ‘are you serious’ category.

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Top 50 Food Blogs in Australia

Courtesy of Rebates Zone comes the following infographic around the Australian food blog ‘scene’, the breakdown of content, motivation factors and of course, the list of top 50 food blogs to follow in Australia. Happily, we have somehow snuck onto the list at number 38! But aside from finding some new pages to check out, the breakdown of topics etc ...

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Burger Theory – Butter Chicken Burger (November No.3)


Butter chicken. Beef patty. Burger. The same burger. Hmmmm….. We love Indian food, don’t get me wrong. Cooking some great curries from scratch is one of the highlights of the colder months of the year, so we fully appreciate the flavours and balance that goes into these creations. Served on a burger, with a beef patty though? Are you sure? ...

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