Osteria Oggi


Osteria Oggi is one of the more recent additions to the burgeoning Pirie Street food scene, opening their doors late in 2015. For no particularly good reason it has taken me until now to get in there, but having done so, I am kicking myself for not wandering in before now.

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Recipe – Stir Fried Potato with Chilli Sauce

It may not be that pretty, but it sure packs a flavour punch!

The next round of the F1 came around and with Chinese being on the menu, it certainly offered up a great many options. Most interesting though was that none of the ideas that we came up with would appear, more or less, on your typical chinese takeaway list. Yep, no honey chicken or sweet and sour <insert protein> being considered ...

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Halloumi and fetta bread rolls

Something that is always a bit of a challenge is coming up with new and interesting things to try. For those that know me, this may sound like a very strange thing to be saying, as there is this misconception that we are always cooking up glorious gourmet feasts and trying new things all the time. This may have once ...

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Pho SA


Pho is, for some people, a food group all of its own. On the pyramid I believe it’s located somewhere between the vegetables and dairy. The intricate depth of flavour in the broth, mixed with the textural elements, fresh herbs, noodles, some chilli, served with the (traditionally) raw beef makes for an intoxicating and addictive mix. Its also normally excellent ...

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Sit Lo


Courtesy of Instagram, some time late in 2015, I spotted the amazing looking steamed buns from some place called “Sit Lo”. Never heard of it. The buns looked, if you squinted a bit, something that was akin to a burger, and given this blog was Burger Me at the time that was an important link to make.

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Red Door Bakery


Conveniently located on Grenfell Street in the city is the CBD outlet for Red Door Bakery. Ok, so convenience really depends on your perspective and starting location, but it met my criteria so that is what I am going with.

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Between the Vines – Cellar Door, Adelaide Hills


A great cellar door experience is something that is hard to beat. I know that may sound like a big call, but when  you have lovely people, a fantastic location, beautiful wines and some delicious local produce combining, it is really ticking all the boxes.

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Black Lemon


The latest addition to the main street of Nairne has sprouted from the same roots as the seminal classics of Zigi Zaga and Chingari.

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Jamaica Blue (Myer Centre)


I must be honest – the Myer Centre is not somewhere that I frequent on a regular basis. In fact, to state it is ‘not regular’ is to somehow suggest that it happens even occasionally. I cannot remember the last time I actually went in there, and so it is not surprising that when I received an email invitation to ...

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Sneaky Pickle (Kings Park)


Moving from a food truck to a fixed restaurant would have to be difficult. For Sneaky Pickle to be doing this is even more of a risk, such is their passionate following on the streets of Adelaide. Its like a holiday romance – its all fun and games when you are away sipping pina coladas by the beach in Koh ...

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