Recipes – World Cup Burgers – French Beef, Blue and Brown

French cuisine is, I am reliably informed by Wikipedia, famous for their rich tastes and subtle nuances and it has a long and diverse history. It consists of things that are both healthy and refined, and French gastronomy was added by the UNESCO to its lists of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”. Whatever that exactly means I am not sure, ...

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Recipe – World Cup Burgers – Italian Turkey


Having covered off Australia, Brazil and Portugal, two of whom were unable to get beyond the group stages, we shift our focus to Italy. And yes, they have also boarded a plane well before now and headed home. In my own defence though, I made this before they managed to completely under perform in their 2nd and 3rd matches.

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World Cup Burgers – Portugal – Beef and Chorizo burger


The Portuguese team have not had a good World Cup. This is a bit of an understatement. They came in with some lofty expectations and at the time of writing this, were essentially out of the tournament with only 1 point from their first 2 matches, including a thumping from Germany.

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Kings Head Hotel – Pork Belly Burger

In our opinion the King’s Head is without doubt one of the best pubs around. It is just everything that we think a venue should be – they have a premium on using local produce, serve up local wine and have an extensive and interesting list of local boutique beers. The physical venue itself is very cool indeed, both the ...

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Recipe – World Cup Burgers – Brazilian Burger – X-tudo


There is one thing that needs to be said immediately and that is that this burger somewhat resembles the national football team. Ok, so don’t be holding the burger picture up and compare it to the team pictures from the world cup as this will just look like a very strange thing to do. Nor am I saying that there ...

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Wine Underground – Slow Cooked Lamb Burger

The Wine Underground has been visited before, however for reasons which are not entirely clear, our review was never completed. Without any hesitation at all I can say that it was very good indeed, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to go back for another go.

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Jack Ruby – Kim Jong Un Burger

Jack Ruby has been a firm favourite of Burger Me since we first ventured through their doors back in 2013. They have been consistently brilliant in everything they have served us, all done within the bounds of their very cool underground establishment. They have done this with a cool and reserved efficiency, exhibiting confidence in all they touched.

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Jack Ruby – Tex Walker


A little while back now, we stumbled across the Jack Ruby menu when looking for a location for a work lunch. From the moment we cast a cursory glace over the menu we found ourselves salivating over the prospect of having…..well anything from the menu to be perfectly honest.

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