Highway Hotel – Mushroom Month 2016


Mushroom Month has returned to the Highway for its sixth year. Kicking off from the 1st of July, they are offering up a veritable haven for lovers of fungi. Swiss brown, king brown, porcini, shemeji, enoki, oyster – all doing there bit and bringing their distinctive flavours, form and texture to the 5 dishes on offer.

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Strawberry and Salmon Canapes (+ vegetarian variation)


As part of the French menu a few weeks back, I dug out a recipe that we put to the test during a dinner party many years before. While not what I would definitively say – hand on heart – of French origin, its more the nature of the recipe that garnered it a start.

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Laksa House


Warming Asian soups and broths seem to be very much in vogue at the moment. While it might just be that I am becoming more familiar with them myself, there are a growing number of outlets that are building themselves (more or less) around a single entity, be it ramen, pho or in this instance laksa.

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Café Assiette


Café Assiette was a place we went to a LONG LONG time ago when we first moved to Adelaide. This was over 10 years ago now, and despite being suitably impressed from that visit, we have only been back once since before now. This has nothing to do with how good it was at the time either…. I cannot explain ...

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Adelaide Pho


Habits can form quickly it seems. I go many years without being aware of pho, then a few more not having tried it. Now, once that cherry is popped, I was back for more again within the same week.

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Social Street S2

Duck curry_rs

Wow. Amazing. Delicious. Beautiful. Essentially flawless. These are not words that I often use to describe a dining experience. But this was exactly what I found myself uttering throughout the meal that was served to us at Social Street.

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Cockles Cafe – Port Elliot


Port Elliot is such a marvellous place. There is so much to it – way more than it appears to a first glance. Cafes, shops, restaurants, cellar door, pubs…some front and centre, but others also tucked away just waiting to be discovered.

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Recipe – Paella (vegetarian)


Paella is simply a wonderful dish. For something that was somewhat of a peasant’s dish, cooked by men on Sundays (to give women a day off) it has grown from this humble start to become somewhat more ‘fancy’.

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