Mrs Q Asian Kitchen & Bar

Banana heart curry pork

As the warm weather finally decides to poke its head through the window, the fresh faced Mrs Q’s Kitchen brings plenty of love and vibrancy with its south east asian inspired menu and beautiful habitat.

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2016 AHASA Pub Burger Challenge – Semi Final judging


For the second year in a row, my burger expertise was requested to assist with the semi final judging of the AHASA Pub Burger Challenge. Last year we, as a quartet, chomped our way through all 30 odd burgers in the semi final.  Thankfully, this year it was changed and we only faced a selection of them, as the semi ...

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​Local spirits distilling – and the economy of South Australia’s Riverland region – has been given a shot in the arm with the launch today (September 23, 2016) of Bickford’s Group’s new $6.6-million 23rd Street Distillery in Renmark. The rejuvenated century-old Renmano site takes its name from its location on the town’s 23rd Street and was officially opened by State ...

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Ryo’s Noodles


After the recent indulgence in all things pho (see my compiled list of the best in the Adelaide CBD here) it was probably time to check out a different type of Asian soup – and ramen looked like it fitted the bill nicely. Doing some quick research, it seemed that Ryo’s noodles was the place to be checking out, so ...

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Rob Roy Hotel – Beer Society Dinner – Fox Hat Brewing 


Since the new owners have taken over the Rob Roy Hotel on Halifax Street – the same people behind the excellent Taxpayer Burger and Booze Bar on Victoria Square – they have gone about subtly but significantly changing things. While the charm of the pub and the building remains, the menu has been overhauled, the beer and drinks list has ...

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Grumpy’s Brewhaus


Combine an all grain microbrewery, serving a changing mix of their own beers on tap, with some woodoven pizzas and other tasty goodies in the mix, all wrapped up in a chilled location in the Adelaide Hills and you have a very enticing proposition indeed.

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Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar


The Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar (or Deli as we will call it) is a French inspired cafe/restaurant located on Waymouth Street, just off King William Street in the city. From the outside it doesn’t look like there is much to it, with an A-frame board on the street being the only thing that really draws your attention.

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Uraidla Hotel


I just love a good pub. There is nothing quite like that welcoming, warm embrace that envelops your soul as you walk into a good pub. Your spirits are lifted, your heart is eased and for a while any issues you have are checked at the door. What I am talking about is worlds away from the finely crafted, vast, ...

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Ding Hao

Aniseed tea smoked duck

Ding Hao describe themselves as “traditional Chinese dishes, hot pots and daily yum cha in a bustling venue with a casual ambiance.” Now this may seem like a slightly lazy way of starting a review, and in some sense you are right. But as this is pretty much on the money, its easier than me coming up with a new ...

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A Coffee Lovers Guide to Adelaide and surrounds


It is interesting to see how the market for coffee is maturing and developing in the last few years. Mirroring the growth in interest in other areas such as craft beer and cider, as well as the now ingrained (over)use of terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘artisan’, coffee is no longer as simple as it used to be.

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