Sprouts Cooking School – Seasonal Dinner 

​Sprouts cooking school have been around for a few years now, originally beginning life in the central markets complex before moving to their current location on Sir Donald Bradman Drive at Hilton just west of the CBD. 

Fronted by Dietitian Themis Chryssidis and celebrity cook Callum Hann (he of Masterchef Australia 2010 runner up lineage), they normally offer hands on cooking classes for the paying public. This evening though was not about us getting our hands into the food, rather having them demonstrate how to utilise some of the very best of seasonal produce in a multi course dinner complete with matching wines. 

It must be noted that thanks to their wonderful generosity, both Feed Me Adelaide and The Streets of Adelaide were able to attend at a discounted rate. As always, this doesn’t influence my opinions on any way. 

The duo of cooks provided some wonderful entertainment, as well as excellent cooking tips and tricks. Talking through the process and science behind curing fish, showing a different use and preparation for wild rice, undermining grandma’s advice the world over regarding folding in different elements, and somewhat (too?) excitedly regailing us with some facts around the brassica family of vegetables, they had a wonderful banter between each other and were genuinely entertaining. 

The food we were treated to included cured kingfish with puffed wild rice and grapefruit, and roasted winter vegetables with pumpkin puree. The second course consisted of a lamb tagine with Israeli cous cous, and a wild mushroom and chard ragu on rosemary polenta. The all important dessert wasn’t missed, and we were treated to a beetroot and chocolate brownie with goats curd mousse and citrus glaze. Dessert aside, the other plates were shared amongst the table. There was also side salads served with the mains. 

Roasted winter vegetables with pumpkin puree

The wines were also a highlight, with matching vinos sourced from SA producers including O’Leary Walker, Hither and Yon and Kellermeister. For me though the real standout was a sensational Clare Riesling from Dead Man Walking, which came with a touching back story which I won’t go into here. Do yourself a favour and track them down though, as the wine was genuinely amazing. 

The quality and presentation of the food was excellent, but there was nothing imposing or complicated about what was prepared. It really was simply – in essence – taking great seasonal produce and letting it shine. 

Dessert time! Who doesn’t love a brownie?

If you want to find more information about upcoming classes or dinners, then you can find all this at their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram
Sprouts Cooking School are located at 89 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton. 

Lamb tagine
Wild mushroom ragu with rosemary polenta

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