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Madame Hanoi – Chilli Festival Menu


If you are one of those people that thinks that a bit of chilli improves most things, then Madame Hanoi have something for you to get very excited about. Yep, spice lovers of Adelaide rejoice, as for the next month there is a bespoke menu created by the Madame Hanoi kitchen with you in mind. Celebrating all things chilli, the ...

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Mexican Society

Ocotpus Tentacle

Think Mexican food, and personally it brings to mind images of sloppy tomato and cheese laden plates, devoid of an interest or personality. Just some beans, beef mince, lots of red and yellow stuff and that’s about it (other than maybe a bit of pickled jalapeno, cause that makes everything Mexican, right?). This is certainly a hangover from an initial ...

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Jetty Food Store


There are few things I love more than good, local produce. Supporting small growers and using only what is fresh and seasonal makes any meal more satisfying, and invariably tastier!

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Burger It – Its All Beef

February 2012 After a hard week’s work, we decided a Friday night burger was a good start to what was looking like a damp and depressing summer weekend in Adelaide.  After much debate we called to place our orders.  It appears this idea was popular as there was an hour wait for our initially chosen burger provider.  After much ‘googling’ ...

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The Duke Hotel – “Daisy Duke”

The dilemma: 11.45am on a Tuesday – in the fridge at work, a healthy rye wrap with assorted vegetable fillings and in the email inbox, a message about a recently ‘tweeted’ lunch special at The Duke.  A decision had to be made, so needless to say come 12 the wrap was left in the fridge and we wandered up to ...

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Burger It – BBQ Beef It Burger

Burger It – O’Connell Street, North Adelaide Having shared a few post work beverages with my burger reviewing colleagues, I had developed quite the appetite and was on the hunt for a beefy treat for my taste-buds.  As is becoming a theme with these reviews, we had planned to survey a different outlet, but on learning there would be over an ...

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