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Sometimes things can be hiding right there in plain sight, sitting almost literally underneath your nose, yet you continue to not see it is there. Its not like I don’t go out of my way to look for things either – keeping my eye’s open for anything new and interesting to check out is just what I do. And yet despite this, it took a fortuitous Instagram post to alert me to Wurst and Stein.

Fried chicken wings with blue cheese aioli

Located at the same address as Harry’s Bar on Grenfell Street, this is very much underneath your nose, as they are in the below ground level of that same building. There is a window onto the footpath level giving you a glimpse of what is inside, and also meaning it doesn’t feel as ‘underground’ as it would otherwise, but it still has a bit of a hidden feel to it.

What you get with Wurst and Stein is basically a small German Beer bar, offering up very large glasses of beer or cider from their small range of tap items. Ok, you can get smaller glasses if you want, but that sounds like the wurst idea ever. No, I won’t try that joke again. 

Their wine list – if you are so inclined – is very clever and well balanced despite it being fairly short, with some really interesting South Australian options on there. They also have more beers by the bottle to fill out their range with some really cool things chilling out in the fridge. Anywhere serving up Lobethal Bierhaus Red Truck Porter is a good place to be. 

THAT is how you serve chips!

Food wise, the offerings are pretty much what you would hope for. Given the title – Wurst – there is a foot long hotdog in the mix, however it is their schnitzels which dominate the menu with many interesting toppings for them. They also have some ribs, steaks, squid and a burger amongst other things. There are even a couple of salads, however vegetarians are going to struggle to find much to fill their order. 
How did it all go? Well the ribs I had were very good. The wings with blue cheese sauce I also got for good measure were also quite decent. By all accounts, the other food was of a more than acceptable standard too, although the steaks were a bit overcooked (however still really tender and delicious, so a comment rather than a complaint). 

Dark, sticky, delicious ribs!

They have various special deal days, such as the day we were there (Wednesday) litre steins are $13, so it made sense really. Check their menu for more details. 

Stack all this in the corner and what you see is a simple, no frills bar dishing up uncomplicated, meat focussed food to compliment thier range of beers and other beverages. Uncomplicated is not a slight on them though, as there was nothing at all wrong with what they are doing here. Flavour was definitely not lacking at all, it was overall very enjoyable, and as far as I am concerned that’s job done. I will definitely been back, thats for sure. 

Wurst & Stein are open 7 days a week from 12pm till 10pm.
You can find them at 12 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, Basement level.

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They have some really good share plate options too

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