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Being from the other side of town, to me 127 Days has been for quite some time a bit of an enigma. A friend of mine tagged himself there one day which piqued my interest. Gradually, as time passed, more and more instances of this venue popped up on my radar through the course of my usual burger rummaging through the interwebs.

Finally, having managed to scrape together some spare time and accumulating a hunger for a new and uncharted burger, I slopped myself and the mrs into the truck on this 40 degree Saturday and made the journey to 127 Days Road Croydon Park.
Blink and you’d miss it – the small frontage faces onto Days road, just south of the Regency road intersection. It is nestled among a group of what seemed to be vacant and or closed shops. The blinds were down and the only thing that gave it away was a large black sign on the wall. From the outside it could almost be mistaken for a special massage place. A blackboarded sign was the only other clue and some peoples legs dangling in a ghostly fashion below the blind level. I took a deep breath and pushed on the door.

We were presented with a rather dimly lit but pleasantly set out space with tables and chairs. It could have definitely been a lot cooler in there. I know it was 40 outside but it must have still been 35 in there!.
A quick perusal of the menu allowed me to choose a “mushroom melt” and there was a cheeseburger chosen by my counterpart. For the purposes of today I will reviewing the Mushroom Melt. I did try the cheeseburger and I will touch on that below.

From the menu:
Mushroom Melt – Angus beef, bacon, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onion, jack cheese, rocket and truffle aioli. – $13 (sides extra)
The patty was a freshly ground Angus beef item. No supermarket mince here. Great start! The size was admirable and fit in well with the size of the roll and other fillings not making the burger into an inedible tower. The meat was well seasoned. Positively it had an amazing crust on the outside, however it was unfortunately let down a little being a bit on the dry side and cooked maybe just a tad too long.

I will admit that I wasn’t sure how this one would perform on embarking on this adventure however I did come out rather impressed. The roasted mushrooms were sliced and maintained a great texture while the onion, cheese and rocket all held up their integrity, freshness and flavor. The bacon was a bit shaky however. While it was indeed tasty, it did seem to lacking in quantity slightly. It had all disappeared by the second half of the burger which left me craving a certain saltiness that brought the rest of ingredients to life.

Another brioche. This one was different though. This one was truly great. The roll was complimented by a greater than normal amount of sesame seeds which added a great flavor. The roll was also quite heavily toasted which added an excellent dynamic to the whole set up. Bravo.

While the burger options don’t automatically come with sides, you can purchase them separately or in a combo deal with a drink or a shake.
Today we opted to go for the Cajun cheese fries. They were indeed impressive. Shoestring maccas style fries coated in a spiced bean mash, gooey liquid cheese and then what appeared to be a sprinkling of extra Cajun spice on top. Very impressive. These cost us $9 though. While I didn’t feel ripped off, and they were very tasty, this just seemed like a bit too much to pay for this offering.

The two of us ate two burgers, the Cajun fries as per above and shared a can of solo. This shaved just over $30 off my bank account. Overall, pretty reasonable value considering what was offered.
A quick word about the cheeseburger.

Pretty much everything was as above in terms of patty and roll. The fillings consisted of cheese, onion, pickles, ketchup and mayo.

I took a rather large sneaky bite of my partner’s cheeseburger and my first impression was that the mayo needed to be swapped out for mustard. Otherwise im not really in a position to give a full review of this burger.

I think this is a great little suburban burger bar. With a few very minor tweaks, this place could be easily rocking the top of the leader board. Unfortunately the lack of serious air conditioning doesn’t make it a very pleasant place to be on a hot day which I will admit detracted a little from my experience today.

The roll and fillings are all of a good quality and seem to definitely be paired up well with each other. It is clear that thought and preparation has gone into the menu items. I think that with a little perfection of the patty, the overall burger would be greatly lifted. Great job.


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