Double Decker

Double Decker




    • - Well presented and a good price
    • - Interesting list of ingredients
    • - Very cool and relaxed environment


    • - Patty's were only good
    • - Was quite difficult to eat
    • - Lacked.....wow factor

    Burganomix is the latest addition to the burger bar scene in Adelaide, and another to situate themselves in Glenelg. It has some prime real estate too, being right at the start of Moseley Square, just off Jetty Road.


    We were invited by Adelaide Food Central to come and sample their wares, so all food and beverages were free of charge. As always, this has no influence on our review in any way.

    Burganomix is channeling an old school 70’s inspired milk bar feel. The laminate tables, vinyl chairs, bright colours and mismatch look just screams happy days (in every sense). It fits into the beachside vibe perfectly, and with the sun streaming through the open frontage, works nicely with a lazy summer afternoon.

    Along with The Streets of Adelaide and The Roaming Carnivore, we set about consuming a few things off their menu.

    Sidewinder chips (front) and sweet potato chips (back)
    Sidewinder chips (front) and sweet potato chips (back)

    Our sides came first, and we had a look at their sweet potato chips (always an important yardstick), sidewinder chips and cauliflour cheese. They were all really good, with the chips being perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the cauliflour sporting what appeared to be hollandaise along with the normal cheese sauce.
    The beer list should also get mentioned, as its one of the best i have seen anywhere. No place for boring mega-swill here, it has some really interesting beers from all around Australia and the world. A shame there werent more SA craft beers though, but its great none the less.

    The burger i got was the Double Decker, which came with 2 beef patties, 2 different cheeses (cheddar and swiss), pancetta, Spanish onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato chutney and mayo. Yep, all those things at the same time. I did pick it partly because of its extreme nature, just because I had to see how it all came together.

    The patties were very thin, being of the Nordburger spec, and were very much well done, but still tasty and not dry at all. The pancetta was delicious as always, and the pickles were doing their job, but it was the chutney that really stood out. It was just delicious, being not too sweet, not too acidic, and a good rich tomato flavour. A quality sauce just cannot be overstated.

    From what I heard from the others around the table, the Fog Horn (chicken, avocado, Spanish onion, chipotle pepper sauce, Spanish onions, rocket & aioli), Nomix (beef patty, mayo, lettuce, beetroot, free range egg, tomato, pineapple, pancetta, caramelised onion, spicy mustard, cheese, pickles & chutney) and Wild Western (hollandaise, onion rings, pancetta, cheese, patty, avocado and lettuce) were all of a similarly standard. The nomix was served on a gluten free roll, and this was also very good.

    The double decker
    The Double Decker

    For all of us the bottom line was the same. The burgers were pretty good. Not amazing, but definitely above average and tasty. The beer list was genuinely excelent, the range of burgers on offer is extensive, some great sides to choose from, service was friendly and proficient and the pricing pretty good. And really, you cant ask for much more than that.

    Its not going to change your world, but going to BurgAnomix will put some tasty food and beverages in front of you, and a smile on your face.

    Double Decker – 8.4

    Burganomix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    The Nomix with gluten free bun
    The Fog Horn (and some cauliflour cheese for good measure)
    The Fog Horn (and some cauliflour cheese for good measure)

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