Line ups out the front of any food place is surely a good sign that they are doing something right. Well, other than somewhere in a food court, naturally. Throw in that this is a Korean restaurant specialising in dumplings, tucked away on Bank Street off Hindley, and then there has to be something special going on.

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Pho SA


Pho is, for some people, a food group all of its own. On the pyramid I believe it’s located somewhere between the vegetables and dairy. The intricate depth of flavour in the broth, mixed with the textural elements, fresh herbs, noodles, some chilli, served with the (traditionally) raw beef makes for an intoxicating and addictive mix. Its also normally excellent ...

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Sit Lo


Courtesy of Instagram, some time late in 2015, I spotted the amazing looking steamed buns from some place called “Sit Lo”. Never heard of it. The buns looked, if you squinted a bit, something that was akin to a burger, and given this blog was Burger Me at the time that was an important link to make.

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