Burganomix is the latest addition to the burger bar scene in Adelaide, and another to situate themselves in Glenelg. It has some prime real estate too, being right at the start of Moseley Square, just off Jetty Road.

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The Moseley

The sliders reporting for duty

The Moseley rose from the ashes of the Dublin Hotel a couple of years ago, however we hadn’t crossed their threshold until this very visit. Immediately it impressed with its refit – gone was the dark and moody setting of before, and instead we have space, light and a touch more refinement. The restaurant area downstairs was particularly pleasant as ...

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Holdfast Hotel

The Southern Fried Belle - not the most amazing looking burger, but its seriously great

A question. How many burgers do you think is too many on a pubs menu? 5? 8? Certainly double figures, for a pub, seems a bit silly. Even a burger bar pushing beyond the mid teens is maybe crossing into the ‘are you serious’ category.

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127 Days – Mushroom Melt


Being from the other side of town, to me 127 Days has been for quite some time a bit of an enigma. A friend of mine tagged himself there one day which piqued my interest. Gradually, as time passed, more and more instances of this venue popped up on my radar through the course of my usual burger rummaging through ...

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McDonalds – Create Your Taste


There are some brands and products that span all demographics – be it age, income, location, background and gender. To demonstrate this point, pretty much everyone will have their own experiences and ideas on McDonalds.

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The Grand – Italian Beef Burger


The “Magnificent 7” was on offer at Swish in the cbd for ages – but we never got there before it was transformed into La Boca (and a great move that was, as we reported here). However, it’s still available at Glenelg and it just so happens I found myself there recently, hungry stomach in tow, so decided a burger ...

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The Watermark – Moo Baa by Hendo


The Adelaide Hotels Association SA best burger awards is the most important part of the Adelaide Show, make no mistake. We waited on the result and once it was announced that the Watermark at Glenelg had picked up the gong we swiftly made plans to check it out.

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Relish’d Burger Bar – Fancy Chook

Take two for Relish’d. My first venture ended in personal disappointment in stark contrast to my colleagues experience, which can be read here. Given this great review, and on the back of others reporting good things, I decided to give them another shot. This time around though, I went a different tack and went with a chicken burger.  

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Relish’d Burger Bar – Oink Burger

Relishd Burger Bar – Oink Burger 2 December 2012 Sunday. aka, traditional weekend hangover day. While I live over the other side of town, I needed to collect my car from the western suburbs from where it had a sleepover the night before, as it had consumed too many beverages to drive home. Boy was I hungry.

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