Farina 00 Pasta and Wine – Pizza Menu Launch

Pizza is like lingerie in – stay with me here – at least two ways. Firstly, simplicity is always better. All the bows and sparkly hearts and excessive lace and…fluffy bits…. Not actually making things better. Sorry guys, it just isn’t. Secondly, neither are meant to be actually visible for long periods of time. If you can still….ummm…see your pizza sitting there long after it was served, then it clearly isn’t doing its job.

Still with me? Excellent.

Bizaar Cheese
Bizaar Cheese
So with this in mind, let me introduce the latest player in the wood fired pizza game in Adelaide, the already excellent Farina 00 Pasta and Wine bar. Situated on the very popular yet discerning area of King William Road in Hyde Park, for the last couple of years Farina have been plying their trade, dishing out fantastic, authentic pasta and Italian dishes. We previously had the pleasure of dining here (see review here) and so it was with some considerable excitement that we got the invitation from Girl About Town to come and enjoy a night of pizza eating (and creating – but more on that later).

The philosophy of pizza is simple enough of course – a dough base, toppings, cooked in an oven and then sliced up. But the expertise required for each of these elements (with the possible exception of the slicing) is considerable. While it has been said that even bad pizza is still pretty good, the other end of that equation is of far more interest to me.

IMGP1074Without going through a blow by blow of each one – let’s start by simply saying that the pizzas from Farina are amazing. Top shelf. Absolute stars. Minimal high quality ingredients, cooked in their extremely fancy new oven, layered onto stunning bases and served in the lovely surrounds that Farina offers. Their margherita (“Prize of the Queen”) was a thing of absolutely perfection, and the night was bookended by the luscious and luxurious “Bizarre Cheese”. This brought together 4 cheeses – fior di latte, gorgonzola, provolone, grana padana – with nutmeg, fresh fig and chilli honey. Stunning.

We also got to try our hand at pizza making, which gave us a close up look at the new oven which is an impressive bit of kit indeed. With a rotating base that can be varied in speed, as well as even being raised during cooking to find higher temperatures, plus having both gas and wood fuel to be completely controllable and predictable, this is like nothing I have ever seen before. High tech meets rustic cooking – with outstanding results.

IMGP1071Outside of this, the staff were super friendly and efficient, the chefs fantastic to chat with, the fried olives were sensational (and I think I ate a whole bowl of them alone), and the Italian Montepulciano was as delicious as I remember it.

The pizza was the star though, make no mistake. So if you are in the market for some amazing wood oven pizza, and why wouldn’t you be, then Farina should absolutely be on your “must try” list.

And to get back to my lingerie analogy, I won’t draw any diagrams, but let’s just say this was all very, very sexy indeed.

Farina 00 Pasta and Wine are located at 128 King William Rd, Goodwood SA 5034. They are open 7 nights a week from 5pm – 11pm, as lunch Friday to Sunday from 12pm-3pm.

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