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I remember back in the day – which is a rather vague period of time I know – but goodlife Pizza was essentially THE location for gourmet pizza. Positioning themselves as organic and charging a premium price, they really set themselves aside from the crowd. Since that time of course, many have followed in this path with woodfired gourmet pizza now an entire industry of its own.

It has been many years since I have last experienced a Goodlife Pizza, and of course the game has moved on a lot since then. How does it stack up against its younger, fresh faced competitors? Well, pretty well as it turns out.

Hahndorf salami, baby bocconcini, basil and olives
Hahndorf salami, baby bocconcini, basil and olives
Situated upstairs on the bustling Jetty Road at Glenelg, with a balcony setting to take in the sights and sounds below is definitely a good start. Their menu of pizzas is fairly short and sharp, with a classic margherita leading the list. A bacon and pineapple is also on there for those so inclined, with the twist here being amazing double smoked Barossa bacon really bringing the goods. A butter chicken pizza is an unusual bedfellow but hey, it’s a modern world, right?

The bases are crispier than many, which means that neopolitan airiness and foldabilty is missing, but for some this is a preference. As I looked down the table at our work gathering, every single person was using a knife and fork to eat their pizza anyhow, so this would have been wasted. Well, every person other than me. Its pizza! Use your hands! It’s what it’s for!

Lobethal Bierhaus bottle this America Ale for Goodlife Organic Pizza
Lobethal Bierhaus bottle this America Ale for Goodlife Organic Pizza
Stylistic preferences aside, the toppings were of the highest quality, with a focus on South Australian sources. The Hahndorf spicy salami pizza was a standout, with the gentle hum of the salami working beautifully with kalamata olives, mozzarella, red onion, fresh basil and baby boconcini to create a great ensemble of flavours.

If I had one gripe, the drinks list is a bit short and the beer options definitely lacking in 2018. There is an American Ale called Goodbier which is made by Lobethal Bierhaus and comfortably the best brew on their menu, but given their focus on South Australian products, this is definitely missed on the drinks list.

The bottom line though is that 15 years after their opening, Goodlife Organic Pizza remains an absolutely viable option for some of the most delicious pizzas in Adelaide.

Goodlife Organic Pizza is located at 2 locations – 170 Hutt Street Adelaide and Level 1, 42 Jetty Road Glenelg.

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