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Ah memories. They are wonderful and curious things all at once. Often times they are all we have by way of evidence that something even happened. Like the time you found that $20 just lying on the street with nobody around. Yeah, we have all done that (or something similar). It’s like winning a minor prize in the world lottery! Or when you brushed past that person in the pub, turn to say sorry…..then 3 years later you are watching her walk down the aisle towards you…. Ok, so I totally made that second one up, but it totally could have happened to someone, right?

Anyhow, perhaps I am showing my age a bit. These days we all feel compelled to document everything by way of smart phones and social media. Our lives are then overwhelmed with images of other people’s lives, and our own just get lost in the noise (and filters).

What you can’t photograph though are emotions. The feeling you had when you found the money. The feeling of first connecting with someone special. These are yours and yours alone, and really it’s this element that means something. A photo is just window dressing without any emotional attachment, no matter what cropping and processing you have applied. Words only go part way to telling this story, and let’s face it, most people don’t read any more. Scroll…..scroll….like….scroll…. And an emoticon doesn’t really do the job either.

Its nobody’s fault though. We want to share. We want to involve others. We are also curious by nature, so we also want to see what’s going on. So long as it doesn’t take too much time. A single photo will do. 5 words or less if you must use them. I appreciate the irony of me doing this, given I involve myself in just this kind of thing. But it doesn’t hurt to stop and think about this, before you move on.

So what has any of this got to do with House of Chow, that Chinese restaurant on Hutt Street that’s been there for seemingly forever? Well, let me tell you. In the scrolling we do through our life, constantly on the lookout for something new, it’s all too easy to forget the good stuff from before. House of Chow is just that kind of place. It’s probably been a good ten years since I was last there, yet just looking at the building invokes all the memories from those visits. Good memories of super efficient service, delicious plentiful food, and fish tanks. Happy times with friends, many sadly long passed through.

So when we were looking to go for a spur of the moment family dinner, I suggested we go back. Now it can be risky, as a rose coloured filter can be applied to your memories, and they might be tarnished with a bad experience. No such worries here though. The food was as fantastic as I remember it to be. The service was friendly and efficient. The venue is the same, but somehow hasn’t become dated at all. The kids loved it too, both for the food as well as drawing pictures on the paper topping the tables. The fish tanks were still there, but these were even better than I recalled.

This was like a real life version of Facebook memories – sharing some of our old ones with new people, our little people, and creating new ones in the process for both us and them. Tasty, happy, family memories.

The House of Chow menu is vast, so there is little point in going through a blow-by-blow of what we got, as that kind of isn’t the point. If you must know more details, then price wise it might have a couple of dollars premium on top of most contemporaries, but for me it’s money well invested. They have always done a great job and this happily remains the case. It was a long time between visits, but our return shall not be so delayed I can assure you.

We loved it, make no mistake, and I hope you do too. You can make your own mind up when you go there, and you really should. And if, like us, it’s been a while then it’s high time for a refresh of those photos in your mind.

Plus, you can add hashtags now.

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