The top 50 burgers that we have reviewed so far in a fully sortable table. Those items that are struckout are either from a venue that has closed or we know that it is no longer available. Of course, any of these may change at any time, and while we aim to update things, of course checking all venues to see if they still have them on their menu is not really achievable. If there are any changes required, then please let us know.

The venue name will link to all reviews we have done of that place, where applicable, while the burger name will take you to the review. Type and Suburb/Location also link you to posts for those categories.
The TaxpayerAl CaponeBeefCBD$14.009.7
Sneaky PickleDouble Pickle Pastrami CheeseburgerBeefCBD$15.009.7
Press Press* BurgerBeefCBD$18.509.7
Rob Roy HotelWasbi Chicken BurgerChickenCBD$17.009.7
A Hereford BeefstouwWagyu BurgerBeefCBD$24.009.65
Seven Stars HotelFoghorn LeghornChickenCBD$20.00 (including pint)9.6
Relish’d Burger Bar Oink BurgerBeefWest$16.609.6
La Bonne Table Wagyu BurgerBeefCBD$19.009.6
The Taxpayer Lauren Hill (lunch combo)FishCBD$15.00 ($23)9.6
Bread & BoneB&B BurgerBeefCBD$13.509.5
La Boca Bar and Grill Argentine BurgerBeefCBD$15.009.5
The StagTriple Bacon BurgerBeefCBD$23.009.5
Kings Head Hotel Pork Belly BurgerPorkCBD$20.009.5
Watermark HotelMoo Baa by Hendo Beef/LambWest$20.009.5
Jack RubyTex WalkerBeefCBD$20.009.5
Low and Slow American BBQBrisket BurgerBeefCBD$15.009.4
Bread & BoneThree Little PigsPorkCBD$209.4
Seven Stars HotelLittle Bo Peep (May Challenger)LambCBD$18.009.4
Holdfast HotelSouthern Fried BelleChickenWest$14.009.4
Royale with CheeseVege BurgerVegeCBD$11.909.4
Seven Stars HotelCorntucky Fried ChickenChickenCBD$20.00 (combo)9.4
Treasury on King WilliamBeef and Bacon Double CheeseburgerBeefCBD$17.909.4
Street AdlCheeseburgerBeefCBD$14.909.4
Low & Slow American BBQBrisket BurgerBeefCBD$16.009.4
Enuf Burger BarBeef EnufBeefWest$11.909.4
The TaxpayerLionel RichieLambCBD$16.009.4
Treasury on King WilliamBacon CheeseburgerBeefCBD$14.909.4
KaffanaBeef BurgerBeefCBD$15.009.3
Sneaky PicklePulled Pork BunPorkCBD$10.009.3
Pirie & Co (Wine Underground) Slow Cooked Lamb BurgerLambCBD$18.009.3
Maximilians RestaurantMax's BurgerBeefAdelaide Hills$22.009.3
DelectaballsBacon Bacon BurgerPorkCBD$12.009.2
Seven Stars Hotel Vote 4 PedroBeefCBD$18.009.2
Burger TheoryNo.2BeefCBD$12.009.2
Burger TheoryButter Chicken Burger (November No.3)BeefCBD$14.009.2
The Office on PirieOffice BurgerBeefCBD$15.009.2
Seven Stars HotelShark Bait (Ohh Ahh Ahh)FishCBD$20.00 (incl pint)9.2
Seven Stars HotelShark Bait (Ooh Ahh Ahh)FishCBD$22.00 (incl beer)9.2
Jack RubyPatriot Cheeseburger BeefCBD$19.009.2
Veggie VeloLentil and Chickpea BurgerVegeCBD$10.009.1
Holdfast HotelSpanish FireballBeefWest$14.009.0
A Hereford BeefstouwCheeseburgerBeefCBD$15.009.0
The Taxpayer Nicholas Cage (May special)PorkCBD$16.009.0
KaffanaKaffana BurgerBeef & PorkCBD$15.009.0
La ChivaCheviot de South American ChorizoPorkCBD$14.959.0
Electra HouseNYC CheeseburgerBeefCBD$16.009.0
127 DaysMushroom MeltBeefNorth$13.009.0
United Latino CocinaHamburguesaBeefCBD$15.909.0
Rob Roy HotelBeef Burger (cheeseburger)BeefCBD$17.009.0

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