Line ups out the front of any food place is surely a good sign that they are doing something right. Well, other than somewhere in a food court, naturally. Throw in that this is a Korean restaurant specialising in dumplings, tucked away on Bank Street off Hindley, and then there has to be something special going on.

While in the queue, your eyes can’t help but notice that stuck on the door is a few words from Pete Evans proclaiming these to be the best dumplings in Australia. No less than George Calombaris listed it amongst his favourite restaurants in Adelaide. High praise indeed.


Welcome everyone to Mandoo.

It was clear that coming to somewhere like this, that there could be no other choice than to be opting in some dumplings. We went with steamed kimchi  and fried chicken dumplings, as well as the bi-bim-mandoo which are basically fried vegetarian dumplings served with a shredded salad and dressing/sauce.


After the first round of trying everything, the three of us enjoying this shared lunch each chose a different dish as our favourite, which is another sign that things are on track. And after extensive further testing, my decision remains unchanged, but it was a little like trying to choose your favourite child.

Steamed kimchi

The quality of what was going on here was clearly there to be seen. The skill in the dumpling prep is not to be underestimated either, as I have tried this myself and….well…..lets just say they are nether consistent nor photo worthy!

Fried chicken dumplings

The chilli sauce with it was excellent, with ingredients all there to be seen and enjoyed, not some gloop from a bottle. Service time was quick, the flavours sensational and the value outstanding. Nothing I can say will do them justice, just look at the pictures and be assured they are at least as good as they look.

Their other items, notably the hot pot, also looks great from observing the other tables.

All the food

If you are in the market for some amazing dumplings (and who isnt) then look no further. Just bring some patience for the waiting outside, but you will be happy you did.

Mandoo is open 6 days (closed Sunday) from 11:30 till 9pm, except Saturday when they open at 12.

You can find them at 3/26 Bank St, Adelaide.

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