McDonalds – Create Your Taste – Part 2

You may recall our first look at the Create Your Taste (CYT) menu at McDonalds which we put out there a couple of months ago. If not, and have no idea what we are on about, then you can read about it here.

To save you the time though, in a nutshell CYT is an Australian McDonalds initiative which works around handing the burger construction over to you, via a fancy touch screen panel. This is then bought out to you – yep, table service – and you get to sample the quality of your selections. There are more ingredients to choose from too, and you can double up on them too should you so desire.

Fear not though quarter Pounder devotees, this is only to supplement the current products and the normal over the counter items are still there to be enjoyed.

From the menu
Create Your Taste – Brioche Bun
Beef patty, double crispy bacon, pickle, tomato, cheddar, grilled onion, chilli jam and chipotle mayo.

The Patty
The patty is the same angus item that you get in the “Angus” range from McDonalds. – i.e not what you get in a cheeseburger or a Big Mac. There is really little to say about this as you all know what it’s about – and it will do the job satisfactorily.

I attempted to build my burger on the richer side of things, choosing to eliminate space wasting healthy things such as lettuce and the like.

I must admit that the overall coming together of my choices was rather impressive. And I refer not so much to my near perfect choices [buffs fingernails] but more to the ingredients therein supplied by McDonalds. It genuinely tasted like a well put together burger – not the typical late night slapped-together-more-lettuce-in-the-box-than-in-the-bun big mac. And you have to admit – it does look pretty good perched there on its wooden serving board.
I must take a moment to place special emphasis on the double crispy bacon. This really made the whole thing. A single helping would have just been a massive tease and was likely to get lost among the rest of the concoction but this was truly delightful, and the bacon itself was awesome.

The grilled onions were legit and the tomato and pickle were fresh and crisp. The chilli jam didn’t taste too commercial and the chipotle mayo had bite but didn’t burn your face off.

The roll, as pointed out by my colleague was a little disappointing – seeming to be just a slightly richer version of the normal everyday cheeseburger bun, with 16 layers of high gloss clear coat.

We were both intrigued by the other roll option, the Kaiser, and will be exploring that offering on our next visit.

Maccas chips and postmix sprite. ‘Nuff said.

Mine came to total a dollar more than my colleagues choices on account of two helpings of crispy bacon. On my assessment, this extra dollar was a worthy investment but that brought my total out to somewhere around the $15 mark.

We debated about this figure to quite some length. $15 for maccas seems a lot as we compared it to similar offerings from different people. I guess the area that it continues to trip us over is the psychological reminder that its “McDonalds”. It seemed more like a matter of horses for courses I guess. Bottom line is I wouldn’t be against going in and paying $15ish bucks again for something similar.

It is partly about the experience that makes this though, and if that’s what you like, ie directly designing your McDonalds item, then a couple of dollars here or there really don’t matter too much.

No score as such, but this would have been a mid to high 7. And that is no embarrassment at all.

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  1. what more can you expect from CRAPdonalds

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