Sean’s Kitchen – Dry-aged burger


Celebrity chefs – they are everywhere! You cant turn on daytime television without crossing paths with one somewhere along the line. They are selling products on television, becoming the face for major supermarkets and even opening restaurants.

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The Taxpayer – Al Capone


Its not often that our comments are openly acknowledged by someone who is reading them. We do try and keep things constructive and well meaning, as everyone (we hope) is aiming to keep their customers happy and give them the best experience they can. This will differ from place to place of course in terms of what they are aiming for, ...

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Union Hotel – Terrarosa Burger


Steak and burger are not words that you really see around a lot. Sandwich, sure, and there are some really good examples around, most notably at The Wakefield. La Boca also claimed an open steak sandwich, however this was really just steak and other items on a plate that happened to have a thin sliver of bread tucked underneath. It ...

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Burger Foundry – Staff Burger


Burger Foundry have been touted as the original ‘new wave’ burger bar, being at the cutting edge of the growth in popularity, quality and sophistication of the Adelaide Burger scene. At least that is what I have read on the internet, so it must be true, right?

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The Little Hunter – Wagyu Beef Burger


The Little Hunter is tucked away off Hindley street on Victoria Street, essentially behind the Woolshed. We are a little unclear if there is an association there – but that really doesn’t matter terribly much. Its a relatively new venue and markets itself as a steak and ale venue, which bodes well for the wagyu burger on offer.

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The Watermark – Moo Baa by Hendo


The Adelaide Hotels Association SA best burger awards is the most important part of the Adelaide Show, make no mistake. We waited on the result and once it was announced that the Watermark at Glenelg had picked up the gong we swiftly made plans to check it out.

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Grill’d – Field of Dreams


We have yet to visit the Adelaide Grill’d, however this is a review based on a recent trip to Sydney. Of course, being a chain this should, in theory, be representative of what they are going to be offering all over the country. That is largely the point of a chain of restaurants, after all.

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Mylk Bar – Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Mylk Bar - Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Mylk Bar on Flinders Street certainly started with a bang. There was apparently loads of advertising, the place was always packed and it created quite the buzz. It seems that things may have simmered down a bit now, at least judging by the somewhat less packed venue we had today, but there was still a healthy crowd on hand.

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Burger Republic – Sweet Thang

Burger Republic - Sweet Thang

The slogan on their website says “Good burgers, Good beer, Good times”. I think this is probably entirely accurate. They have been around for a little while now – not sure exactly how long but I have been aiming to get there for at least a few months now. Work commitments (and non-work commitments) kept getting in the way. However, ...

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The Office on Pirie – Office Burger (2014 edition)

The Office on Pirie - Office Burger

Ahhhhh nostalgia. Taking a trip down memory lane can be great, as you get to re-live things from your past and details you had forgotten of past adventures can come flooding back. The flip side is of course that sometimes the rose coloured glasses through which you had been looking at a prior time or event get removed, and you ...

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