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Take two for Relish’d. My first venture ended in personal disappointment in stark contrast to my colleagues experience, which can be read here. Given this great review, and on the back of others reporting good things, I decided to give them another shot. This time around though, I went a different tack and went with a chicken burger.



The Burger
From the menu – 100% chicken breast, brie, bacon, lettuce, mayo, cranberry sauce and fresh herb aioli.

This was not a patty at all, being a chicken fillet, which was very well cooked and juicy. One thing with regards to this is that there is not a lot to discuss given its not a burger per say. However, no complaints here as the meat was cooked through fully, and not served medium as we would normally like should it be cow based.

As per the menu, there are a variety of ingredients here that all sound very indulgent (or perhaps fancy). The brie was creamy, and had been melted lovingly over the chicken, bringing with it an indulgent and delicate taste with it. The other main headline ingredient was cranberry sauce, which wasn’t overly sweet and was in abundance on the burger. The flavour did work well with the poultry and the other ingredients.


My only complaint would have been the quantity of the cranberry sauce. While it didn’t adversely affect the flavour profile, the large quantity did add a ‘cold/chilled” element when eating. Again this is not a big complaint as it was not an issue with every mouthful, but now and again the temperature did slide towards the colder side of what is ideal.

As per other review – no real changes – read all about that here.

$11.90 is fairly decent price for the quality of the ingredients and mix of flavours. No complaints at all.

Overall a very enjoyable and non offensive burger, as the chicken, cranberry and brie made the meal somewhat subtle, restrained yet still flavoursome. All told, this is a pleasing addition to the burger landscape in Adelaide. This has well made up for the disappointing of my initial burger and comes fairly highly recommended.

Score 8.3

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