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The complete list of all the reviews we have done. We have taken the scores out because that is what the top 50 list is for!

Again, those in italics are burgers that are intermittent - ie the venue likes to change their menu around frequently. As such, we cannot guarantee that they will be available, but you never know.... Those struck out are either in venues that are no more, or we know for sure that the burgers have disappeared or changed to such a degree that our specific review is no longer applicable.

Also, you may wonder why we claim to have reviewed far more than appear on the list? Well the answer is simple - we did some 'non-scoring' bulk reviews of some items by Burger Theory, back in the day, when they ran their Artburger Series. Some have simply been removed as we have focussed entirely on SA Burgers only, whereas before there were a small handful from interstate.
VenueBurgerTypeSuburb/LocationPriceYear of review
127 DaysMushroom MeltBeefNorth$13.002015
A Hereford BeefstouwWagyu BurgerBeefCBD$24.002014
A Hereford BeefstouwCheeseburgerBeefCBD$15.002015
ACES Bar & BistroBeef BurgerBeefCBD$12.902013
Argo on the SquareYogi BurgerVegetarianCBD$10.502014
Argo on the SquareSpecial BurgerBeefCBD$11.002012
Austral HotelHawaiian Chicken BurgerChickenCBD$18.00 (incl drink)2012
Austral HotelThe Austral BurgerBeefCBD$18.002012
Balhannah HotelBalhannah HotelBeefAdelaide Hills$18.002012
Bean BarBean Bar BurgerBeefCBD$9.902012
Benjamin on FranklinTex-Mex BurgerBeefCBD$17.002013
Black BullBlack Bull BurgerBeefCBD$15.002014
Bliss Organic CafeBliss BurgerVegetarianCBD$15.002014
Bread & BoneB&B BurgerBeefCBD$13.502014
Bread & BoneThree Little PigsPorkCBD$20.002015
Bridgewater InnDeneary BurgerBeefBridgewater$17.902013
Bull & BearChicken BurgerChickenCBD$20.002012
Burger AddictionBlue SunBeef CBD$15.002013
Burger AddictionOh Carolina!PorkCBD$9.002013
Burger AddictionRhapsody in BlueBeefCBD$15.002013
Burger AddictionThe MatildaBeefCBD$15.002013
Burger FoundryStaff BurgerBeefCBD$14.002014
Burger ItIts All BeefBeefNorth/North Adelaide$10.902012
Burger ItBBQ Beef ItBeefNorth/North Adelaide$10.402012
Burger RepublicSweet ThangBeefSouth$13.002015
Burger TheoryNo.2BeefCBD$10.002012
Burger TheoryNo.1BeefCBD$8.002012
Burger TheoryCall Me GravyBeefCBD$122013
Burger TheoryButter Chicken BurgerChicken + BeefCBD$14.002015
Burgerland at the HackneyWagyu Beef BurgerBeefCBD$19.902015
City X GrillBurger with the LotBeefCBD$8.902012
Colonel Light HotelLight Hotel BurgerBeefCBD$15.002013
Coopers AlehouseVege Burger VegetarianCBD$12.902013
Coopers AlehouseDouble Angus BurgerBeefCBD$19.902013
DelectaballsBacon Bacon BurgerPorkCBD$12.002015
Delicatessen Kitchen and BarNYC CheeseburgerBeefCBD$16.902015
Do Duck InnMinted Lamb BurgerLambCBD$9.902015
Edinburgh Castle$10 Gar BurgerFishCBD$10.002014
Edinburgh CastleThe Chipotle BurgerBeefCBD$16.002014
Edinburgh Castle$10 CheesburgerBeefCBD$15.002014
Electra House NYC CheeseburgerBeefCBD$16.002015
Enuf Burger BarBeef EnufBeefWest$11.902012
Fancy BurgerCrispy Bacon & CheeseBeefCBD$11.502013
Gallery on WaymouthPulled Pork BurgerPorkCBD$13.902012
The Glasshouse HotelThe Glasshouse BurgerBeefCBD$20.002015
Great Eastern HotelBruno BurgerBeefAdelaide Hills/Littlehampton$12.902012
Grill'dField of DreamsVegetarianCBD/East$11.502014
Hotel RichmondRichmond BurgerBeefCBD$18.002012
Hotel TivoliTivoli BurgerBeefCBD$18.002012
Hotel TivoliCheeseburgerBeefCBD$18.50 (including +$2.50 bacon)2015
Jack RubyKing Jong Un BurgerBeefCBD$24.002014
Jack RubyPatriot Cheeseburger BeefCBD$19.002013
Jack RubyTex WalkerBeefCBD$20.002014
Jack RubyBoof Lehmans Surf & Turf BurgerBeef & BugCBD$24.002014
Jack RubyBrisket BurgerBeefCBD$19.002014
James Place HotelJPH Quarter PounderBeefCBD$22.002014
Jamie's ItalianJamie's Italian BurgerBeefCBD$21.002015
KaffanaTraditional BurgerBeef/PorkCBD$10.002014
KaffanaKaffana BurgerBeef & PorkCBD$15.002015
KaffanaBeef BurgerBeefCBD$15.002015
Kings Head HotelKings BurgerBeefCBD$20.002015
Kings Head HotelPork Belly BurgerPorkCBD$20.002014
La Boca Bar and GrillArgentine BurgerBeefCBD$15.002014
La Bonne TableWagyu BurgerBeefCBD$19.002014
La ChivaCheviot de South American ChorizoPorkCBD$14.952013
Little HunterWagyu Beef BurgerBeefCBD$16.002014
LocavoreWagyu Loca-BurgerBeefAdelaide Hills/Stirling$15.002012
LocavoreVege BurgerVegetarianAdelaide Hills/Stirling$15.002012
Low & Slow American BBQBrisket BurgerBeefCBD$15.002015
Low and Slow American BBQBrisket BurgerBeefCBD$15.002015
Maximillians Restaurant/Sidewood Cellar DoorMax's BurgerBeefAdelaide Hills$22.002015
Mylk BarCheeseburgerBeefCBD$14.902013
Mylk BarPulled Pork BurgerPorkCBD$15.502013
Mylk Bar Chicken Schnitzel BurgerChickenCBD$15.902014
Nairne Corner TakeawayHamburger with the LotBeefAdelaide Hills/Nairne$6.902012
NordburgerBacon-DoubleBeef East/Norwood$10.902014
Pirie & Co (Wine Underground) Slow Cooked Lamb BurgerLambCBD$18.002014
PressPress* BurgerBeefCBD$18.502014
Producers BarBeef BurgerBeefCBD$16.502014
PublicWagyu Beef BurgerBeefCBD$19.002013
Relish’d Burger Bar Oink BurgerBeefWest$16.602012
Relish’d Burger Bar Fancy ChookChickenWest/Glenelg$11.902013
Rob Roy HotelVegetarian BurgerVegetarianCBD$12.002014
Robin Hood HotelThe Hood BurgerBeefEast/Norwood$20.002013
Royale with CheeseVege BurgerVegeCBD$11.902015
Saracens HeadFlip Top BurgerBeefCBD$22.502013
Seans KitchenDry Aged BurgerBeefCBD$20.002014
Seven Stars HotelFoghorn LeghornChickenCBD$20.00 (including pint)2015
Seven Stars HotelLittle Bo Peep (May Challenger)LambCBD$18.002015
Seven Stars HotelShar Bait (Ooh Ahh Ahh)FishCBD$20.00 (incl pint)2015
Seven Stars HotelThe Beef EaterBeefCBD$20.00 (beer and chips combo)2015
Seven Stars Hotel Vote 4 PedroBeefCBD$18.002015
Seven Stars HotelCorntucky Fried ChickenChickenCBD$20.00 (beer and chips combo)2015
Sneaky PickleDouble Pickle Pastrami CheeseburgerBeefCBD$15.002015
Sneaky PicklePulled Pork BunPorkCBD$10.002014
Stirling HotelBacon Double CheeseburgerBeefAdelaide Hills/Stirling$24.002014
Stirling HotelCrispy Salt & Pepper Chicken BurgerChickenAdelaide Hills/Stirling$20.002014
Street AdlCheeseburgerBeefCBD$14.902014
The ColonistChicken Caeser BurgerChickenEast/Norwood$19.002012
The Daniel O'Connell HotelBeef BurgerBeefNorth/North Adelaide$16.002012
The Duke HotelMexican BurgerBeefCBD$9.002012
The Duke of York HotelDaisy DukeBeefCBD$8.502012
The GrandItalian Beef BurgerBeefWest/Glenelg$15.952014
The Griffins HeadGriffins Beef BurgerBeefCBD$19.502012
The Hilton Hotel5 Star Wagyu BurgerBeefWest/Hilton$14.002013
The HistorianHistorian Beef BurgerBeefCBD$18.002012
The Office on PirieOffice BurgerBeefCBD$17.902012
The Office on Pirie Office BurgerBeefCBD$15.002014
The SaracensBeef SlidersBeefCBD$22.002013
The StagJucy Lucy - Double Bacon and CheeseBeefCBD$19.902012
The StagJucy Lucy - CalabreseBeefCBD$19.902012
The StagTriple Bacon BurgerBeefCBD$23.002013 BurgerBeefCBD$122014
The TaxpayerLionel RichieLambCBD$16.002015
The TaxpayerAl CaponeBeefCBD$14.002014
The TaxpayerNicholas Cage (May special)PorkCBD$16.002015
The TaxpayerChristopher SkaseBeefCBD$16.002015
The TaxpayerLauren Hill (lunch combo)FishCBD$15.00 ($23)2015
The TaxpayerMarc AnthonyBeef/BeanCBD$16.002015
The TaxpayerHeidi FliessVegeCBD$14.002015
The TaxpayerAlan BondLambCBD$22.00 (incl drink)2014
The Union HotelBig Wagyu BurgerBeefCBD$22.002012
Treasury on King WilliamBacon CheeseburgerBeefCBD$14.902014
Treasury on King WilliamBacon Double CheeseburgerBeefCBD$17.902015
Union HotelTerrarossa BurgerBeef (steak)CBD$21.002014
United Latino Cocina HamburguesaBeefCBD$15.902013
Veggie Velo Lentil and Chickpea BurgerVegeCBD$10.002013
Vego n Lovin ItMexican BurgerVegetarianCBD$14.002012
Voodoo BurgersCajun Beef BurgerBeefCBD$10.002013
Watermark HotelMoo Baa by Hendo Beef/LambWest$20.002014

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