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Courtesy of Instagram, some time late in 2015, I spotted the amazing looking steamed buns from some place called “Sit Lo”. Never heard of it. The buns looked, if you squinted a bit, something that was akin to a burger, and given this blog was Burger Me at the time that was an important link to make.

Not much more than a hole in the wall. But great for it.
Not much more than a hole in the wall. But great for it.

A quick peruse of their menu showed the delicious sounding fillings for the buns, but also their other menu items. These include bahn mi, noodle bowls, cold rolls and the all important pho. Chuck some sides and drinks into the mix, and you have a good number of delicious sounding foods.

I swiftly decided that I was going to get there ASAP. Like, right away. Now.

So it was that 4th April 2016 – only about 6 months later – I eventually managed to have the stars align and walk down Bank Street, through their door, to finally taste some of their goodies.

20160404_121415-01-resized-960.jpgThe buns were the top of my list, and didn’t disappoint. They might look simple, but put together complex and supporting flavours and the results will always be excellent. The fried proteins were crispy and golden, while the pork was tender, rich and delicious. The sauces matched each brilliantly, and together the elements of heat, salt, acid, freshness and creaminess all collide and form with the beautifully steamed dough to form three little buns with a distinct personality.

Baos! Aka steamed buns
Baos! Aka steamed buns

Pho is arguably their main drawcard, based on nothing more than it is written in very large writing on the wall. I am personally no pho connoisseur, but the quality of the ingredients here was clearly there to be seen. There was a generous about of beef in there, the rice noodles were of good quality, and the fresh coriander and chilli adding colour and significant lift. And the broth? Excellent. Everything you want it to be.

As a side, lotus root chips were ordered and they were an interesting accompaniment. The seasoning on them was definitely tasty, with a good amount of spice in there, but I am not sure it was worth the $4.50 investment. I mean, for 50c extra you could get yourself another one of the delicious buns! Still, they were tasty, so by all means go for it if you so desire.

Speaking of investments, value is always a bit of a personal thing. For me, quality outshines quantity, but there is always a balancing act in there that needs to be observed. Sit Lo plays this game very well. $13 for the 3 buns (or $5 individually), and $10 for the large pho was nothing to be complaining about.

All told, based on this experience I am very much interested in going back. I would be particularly interested in the bahn mi, and the noodle bowls, to see how these stack up. The Sit Lo bites are also on a future agenda, as chicken, prawn and crabmeat spring rolls can be nothing but excellent.

Delicious food in a cool, small venue at decent prices. Ticks all the boxes for me.

Sit Lo is located at 30 Bank Street, Adelaide CBD.
Trading times are:
Monday – Thursday 11.00am – 9.00pm
Friday – Saturday 11.00am – 10.00pm
Sunday – 5.00pm – 10.00pm

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Cool table decorations
Cool table decorations


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