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Exeter Hotel


This is a pub in the classic sense of the term. Nothing overly fancy going on at all.  There is a bar for ordering food and drinks, a couple of spaces inside with some tables and chairs to keep your food off the ground, and some more out the front so everyone walking past can have a look at what ...

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Low & Slow American BBQ – Brisket Burger


Brisket, and by this I mean smoked brisket, is very much an American institution. Having said that, I realise that they didn’t invent smoking of meat to cook it, as that honour goes to Reginald Spotwith of the Cotswold region of England, who accidently achieved this process in 1653*. ‘Mericans have very much taken this style of cooking to their ...

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Seven Stars Hotel – Foghorn Leghorn (June challenger)


From the menu – Grilled southern style chicken breast, roasted tomato, red onion, lettuce, basil pesto and ranch dressing. Served with chips and with a pint – $20, or upgrade to sweet potato fries for an extra $2. The Seven Stars hotel is, not surprisingly, exactly as we found it before. This time though,

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127 Days – Mushroom Melt


Being from the other side of town, to me 127 Days has been for quite some time a bit of an enigma. A friend of mine tagged himself there one day which piqued my interest. Gradually, as time passed, more and more instances of this venue popped up on my radar through the course of my usual burger rummaging through ...

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La Bonne Table – Wagyu Burger


Situated very much by itself on Wakefield Street in the CBD, essentially opposite the fire station, La Bonne Table is certainly being brave in its approach. A tapas and wine bar, as well as catering for ‘normal’ mains and deserts, they are certainly doing things their own way. And based on the feedback on social media – they have been ...

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Jack Ruby – Smoked Brisket Burger

We all know that from time to time, things go wrong. Despite our best efforts, every now and then things conspire against us and even the actions of others impact on what is in front of you. Shit, as the saying goes, happens.

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The Strathmore – Chargrilled Chicken Burger

The Strathmore has been a venue of choice for a number of functions through our office, with the mainstay of the orders being their stonegrill (which is actually really good). However, it was recently bought to our attention that their burgers are worth checking out, so we thought it was our duty to head on down there and see whats ...

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Austral Hotel – The Austral Burger

This is the tale of two burgers – part 2 – time for beef. The Austral dished up a pretty decent chicken burger which you can view here. How will they get on with the cow based version? Can they maintain the high standard, or will disappointment be the order of the day?

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