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The Highway – Autumn Menu


I think it is safe to say that the cold weather is officially here. I know this because a few nights ago we enjoyed our first frost for the year, which is of course the universal signal to break out the beanies, chill some bottles of stout, light the fire (if you havent already) and generally just begin to think ...

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Exeter Hotel


This is a pub in the classic sense of the term. Nothing overly fancy going on at all.  There is a bar for ordering food and drinks, a couple of spaces inside with some tables and chairs to keep your food off the ground, and some more out the front so everyone walking past can have a look at what ...

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Burger Theory – Butter Chicken Burger (November No.3)


Butter chicken. Beef patty. Burger. The same burger. Hmmmm….. We love Indian food, don’t get me wrong. Cooking some great curries from scratch is one of the highlights of the colder months of the year, so we fully appreciate the flavours and balance that goes into these creations. Served on a burger, with a beef patty though? Are you sure? ...

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Do Duck Inn – Minted Lamb Burger


There is just something special about stumbling across a little place, tucked away in a side street. Rather than just treading the path well worn by the masses, you are a food explorer, a pioneer, the Burke and Wills of the Adelaide food scene, going bravely where few choose to venture. Shining light upon those languishing in the shadows of ...

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Delicatessen Kitchen & Bar – NYC Cheeseburger


18 June 2015 Delicatessen kitchen and bar is neatly sprawled behind an innocent corner doorway adjacent Waymouth place. Their website tells us the owners and operators were former staff of The Treasury which in our view is a beautiful venue offering superb food.  Have these guys paved the way to bigger and better things?  Well (spoiler alert) purely from a ...

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The Glasshouse Hotel – Glasshouse Burger


The Glasshouse is a relatively new place down the eastern end of Gouger Street. We had walked past it a few times before we ventured inside, and its a little difficult to work out what it is trying to be. The name has hotel in it – which makes it sound like a pub. The look of it implies a ...

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Hotel Tivoli – Cheeseburger


The Tivoli has undergone another facelift and with it a change in direction on their menu. The quasi Mexican/Spanish amalgamation of yesteryear has, along with the dark moody front bar, been revamped into a more contemporary modern Australian menu with a bright area to match. It has always been a nice place to grab a beer and some food, although ...

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Judge for a Day – What it was like to be scoring a burger competition

The influence of a television show such as Masterchef is felt on many levels. One such area is the price of secondary cuts of meat have gone up significantly, as it has become more popular to be slow cooking (or pressure cooking). This is a soapbox moment for another time, but when you are looking to make burgers from cuts ...

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Bread & Bone – Three Little Pigs


We had been watching the hits ticking over towards the milestone mark of 100k for the last couple of weeks. Knowing that it was imminent, we made hasty arrangements for a celebratory lunch in anticipation that it would take place that morning. When we left the office it was a few short still, but having pulled up at the bar ...

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SA Pub Burger Challenge – Finalists Announced

One of the finalists for the prize - it certainly stands out!

The SA Pub Burger Challenge is down to the pointy end, with the semi final having been run and the finalists decided. In the next few days we will go into a bit more detail exactly what it is like to be a burger judge, and be presented with a list of 31 burgers that you need to sample and ...

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