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Madame Hanoi – Chilli Festival Menu


If you are one of those people that thinks that a bit of chilli improves most things, then Madame Hanoi have something for you to get very excited about. Yep, spice lovers of Adelaide rejoice, as for the next month there is a bespoke menu created by the Madame Hanoi kitchen with you in mind. Celebrating all things chilli, the ...

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Porchetta roast with fennel, chilli and paprika, grilled cabbage, radish and roasted pink lady apples

Think catering food, and what generally comes to mind is either trays of monotone sandwiches and baguettes, or plates of uninspiring golden brown fried items. And sure, while I love a good sanga and arancinni as much as the next person, its hardly memorable stuff. @313 obviously felt the same way, as they set about gearing up their function space ...

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The Store – Brinner Menu Launch


Brinner. To be completely honest with you, its not something I had ever heard of before, but it doesn’t take very long to work out what it going on. An anagram of ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’ in the same fashion as we have mushed together the traditional first and second meal times of the day to arrive at ‘brunch’.

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Bai Long Store – Breakfast/Brunch Menu


An ambitious new project from the people behind Concubine and Gin Long Canteen has arrived on Hutt Street. Focussing on a mix of Korean, Chinese and Japanese influences, as well as being open 7 days a week, serving virtually all day, Bai Long Canteen are definitely here to shake things up a bit.

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Kaffana Bar

Utterly amazing - the Clucky Chicken

Kaffana Bar – formerly their pop-up venue Kaffana Burger – launched today in their permanent premises. This was actually their existing building for Kaffana, so literally across the road from where it was before on Peel Street. Kaffana the restaurant has moved to Gilbert Place, so the main thing to take from this is there is now extra Kaffana permanently ...

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Laksa House


Warming Asian soups and broths seem to be very much in vogue at the moment. While it might just be that I am becoming more familiar with them myself, there are a growing number of outlets that are building themselves (more or less) around a single entity, be it ramen, pho or in this instance laksa.

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Black Lemon


The latest addition to the main street of Nairne has sprouted from the same roots as the seminal classics of Zigi Zaga and Chingari.

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Hotel Tivoli – Cheeseburger


The Tivoli has undergone another facelift and with it a change in direction on their menu. The quasi Mexican/Spanish amalgamation of yesteryear has, along with the dark moody front bar, been revamped into a more contemporary modern Australian menu with a bright area to match. It has always been a nice place to grab a beer and some food, although ...

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Fancy Burger – The Legend

Venue Fancy Burger Adelaide is the sibling venue of the original Fancy Burger at Blackwood.  I have been there previously however did not had my reviewing hat on at the time and therefore have not provided a run down on their wares. This time though, hat of burger opinion was squarely positioned on my cranium, so you good people can ...

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