The Grand – Italian Beef Burger

The “Magnificent 7” was on offer at Swish in the cbd for ages – but we never got there before it was transformed into La Boca (and a great move that was, as we reported here). However, it’s still available at Glenelg and it just so happens I found myself there recently, hungry stomach in tow, so decided a burger would fix that nicely.

The Grand, for anyone that doesn’t know already is very much beach side at Glenelg on Moseley Square. Its a fantastic location indeed, and it’s not a bad place to go into. There was some live music on the Sunday afternoon we were there, and with the sun streaming through the ample glass, it will do just nicely.

It does feel a bit dated though, so perhaps a refresh is in order, but it’s more than serviceable as it stands.

The Burger
From the Menu
Italian Beef Burger – Italian mozzarella and Parma ham burger (that’s all it says)

The patty immediately concerned me. It was suspicious uniform in its shape, and given the colour of it with its crispy appearance, I wasn’t expecting melt-in-your-mouth medium goodness.

I certainly wasn’t surprised.

This was very well done indeed, some might say overcooked, but the crust does have its charms at the same time. The patty was also super herb filled, and the end result was essentially the same as what we got from ACES at the Central Markets – and that tasted like a sausage roll. Hmmmm…..

Scant information from the menu, but my investigation came up with the Parma ham (good move), mozzarella (quite good too), leaves, tomato chutney and some fresh tomato. I also suspected a second cheese, like a provolone, but it seems unlikely.

These were actually all pretty good and gave it a definite Italian flavour, so some positives here.

The roll was an anaemic looking white thing, it didn’t seem amazingly fresh, held together ok but not overly inspiring. image

Some pretty decent beer battered chips were accompanying the burger, as was a pint of boags draught (part of the deal). Happy with both these things.

$17.95 for the burger and beer deal isn’t too bad at all. If you just wanted the burger and chips, this is $15.95, so $2 for the beverage makes for a wise investment. Size was good, just not the quality to boost the value.

This is a decent enough venue in a great location dishing out basic pub food. This surprises me a bit given there is a fine dining restaurant attached, but they obviously aren’t sharing any menu items.

This was tasty enough, but the overall package was a bit lacking. The patty was tasty enough – for a sausage roll – but not really up to scratch. The cheese and the ham tried to lift things and succeeded to some degree, but only dragged this into mediocre realm.

If your really hungry then it’s passable, but it won’t make you go there for this reason. Perhaps one of the other 6 are going to be amazing?

Score – 6.5


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