The Holdy – Lets Get Nauti!

Whats a pirates favourite letter?

Just as a digression for a moment, its funny how whenever you think about sea/water/sailing/boating puns or jokes, pirates always seem to get in the mix. This could just be me though….

The porchetta pig pizza - so amazing!
The porchetta pig pizza – so amazing!

The reason I bring this up is that The Holdy in their most recent refurbishment has decided to take on a rather nautical theme. With some bright seaside colours adorning the beer garden/entry, this flows through to the restaurant, which has been decked out with ropes from the ceilings, classic timber and white linen. I especially loved the little touches, like the charms decorating the yarn that was tying the cuttlery together. Very cute!

A fantastic Holdy share platter on a sea of blue
A fantastic Holdy share platter on a sea of blue

This all makes sense though as The Holdy is at seaside Glenelg after all. Disappointingly they have gone with some more sensible puns though, such as “Lets get Nauti”, “Seas the day”, “Want to be mates?” or “Let the crew feed you”. (sigh)

This refit isn’t just on the surface though, as the food menu’s have had a significant overhaul too. With a new head chef on board, Hayley Mass of Maxwell Winery and Fuze Food and Wine fame, they have broadened their focus considerably to take on an eclectic mix of global tastes. Bao buns, nacho’s, Caribbean jerk chicken, Thai red prawn curry, or a slow cooked lamb shoulder with chimmichurri fight for your attention from pub classics such as pizza, schnitzels, burgers and steaks. Its an extensive list of choices with a huge number of influences (check the menus out here) so deciding what to have could be an extremely difficult choice! All dietry requirements are catered for, including a good selection of vegan options.


From the food that we got to sample on the day there were many highlights, but none brighter than the Porchetta pig pizza. This was seriously good – and we also know is a personal favourite of the chef! The tasting platter was extensive with some quality produce on there, while the lamb cutlets didn’t disappoint at all. To finish things off, the coconut and lime panna cotta was absolutely perfectly executed, and a great way to round off a delicious shared lunch. It also has to be said, there was some really pretty plating and presentation going on too. It never hurts to start with a good looking dish!

Lamb cutlets - always a winner
Lamb cutlets – always a winner

With the Aperol spritz bar dishing out the cocktails and other beverages, this is definitely going to be a firm favourite for the warm months. It really ticks all the boxes – you can simply head to The Holdy for a couple of drinks with mates, with street food options giving you many choices of something small to eat if you choose. If you do want more, the restaurant will not disappoint anyone with their varied and well chosen items. Chuck in a brunch menu for good measure, as well as function spaces and live music, and The Holdy really is setting itself up to be a jack-of-all-trades. The theme really works too – its relaxed and chilled, yet still refined and classy.

Never forget dessert! Coconut and lime panna cotta on point

This has been a very clever and well executed reinvention, and I can see it being a huge success for them over the coming months. So honestly, do yourself a favour and check out The Holdy again soon.

Oh, I forgot the punchline. And no, its not “Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh” at all.

‘Tis the C. I love that joke.

The Holdy is located at 83 Brighton Road, Glenelg.

Many thanks to Girl About Town for the invitation and The Holdy for their hospitality.

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