Exploring the Finest South Australian Cuisine Restaurants

This week, the list of the 100 best restaurants in South Australia was revealed, and some incredible destinations made it to the top 10. Maxwell Wines recently welcomed a new head chef, Kyle Connor, who is now in charge of the kitchen. Fabian Lehmann, the former head chef, has taken on an executive chef role. Topiary is a classic tea house that serves modern Australian cuisine with a strong emphasis on the best local and South Australian products. The restaurant has a clear focus on nature, both in terms of sourcing ingredients from their unique edible garden and in their stunning outdoor environment.

Along with The Lab, a multi-level art center that is part of Light Adelaide, Aurora has Brendan Wessels, the former chef of the d'Arenberg Cube, at the helm. The Magill Estate restaurant combines a “modern architectural style” with the “natural attributes” of its location in the foothills of Adelaide and its historic setting to provide a contemporary and comfortable dining experience. Scott Huggins is the head chef at Magill Estate and strives to be “constantly inventive and harness the influences of season, flavor, aroma, wine and texture”. Glam Adelaide is a news website that has been around for more than 15 years and is dedicated to promoting local businesses.

We cover everything from news, lifestyle news, events, launches, music, food, wine, fashion and more. A true local collaboration, they source ingredients from suppliers, wineries, farmers and passionate fishermen in South Australia to offer the best of the region and season. Head chef Gianni Delogu at The Lab is a “progressive Australian restaurant with a strong French influence”. He has carefully crafted a menu that pays homage to his French culinary roots with a modern twist.

Sam Christopher is the head chef at Topiary and has a passion for native Australian ingredients which he combines with South Australian wine. Tom Tilbury is the head chef at Aurora and he promotes a menu that focuses on sustainable, ethically sourced products from South Australia. Jock Zonfrillo is the chef and owner of Orana and has always emphasized exploring ancient native flavors to offer an entirely new interpretation of Australian cuisine. Executive chef Peter Gilmore is behind Bennelong.

Here they showcase the diversity of Australian cuisine by combining classic Oz dishes with top-notch ingredients and an eclectic presentation. Guests who want to enjoy the luxury of this recently renovated restaurant can choose between two tasting menus - The Short Path and The Long Trail - with an option to pair their delicious cuisine with South Australian wine from their new winery. These restaurants are some of South Australia's most popular destinations for enjoying delicious cuisine made with local ingredients and paired with some of the region's finest wines. Whether you're looking for traditional tea house fare or something more modern and inventive, these restaurants have something for everyone.

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