Exploring the Delicious Fruits of Traditional South Australian Cuisine

Fruitnuts are a staple in South Australia, and can be found in gas stations, supermarkets, delicatessen stores, and Fruchoc's specialty stores. These stores offer factory prices and the opportunity to participate in tastings. The Australian gold rush brought with it a variety of cuisines from around the world, particularly Chinese. Post-war immigration programs further diversified the local food scene, introducing flavors from the Mediterranean, East Asia, and South Asia.

Aboriginal Australians have been living off the native flora and fauna of the Australian jungle for over 60,000 years. Brisbane cuisine is a combination of traditional Australian fare and international flavors. John Dory is a popular fish found in Sydney Harbour and other Australian waters. After World War II, waves of multicultural immigrants from Asia and the Mediterranean region brought with them their own food cultures, which have had a major impact on the development of Australian cuisine.

Golden North is a South Australian ice cream company that has been around for many years. The main foods native to Brisbane and commonly used in local cuisine include macadamia, lemon-scented myrtle, Australian lime, bunya nut, and Moreton Bay bug. The 21st century has seen an influx of fast food restaurants and international trends that have become influential in Australian cuisine. Aboriginal Australians are known to have eaten up to 5,000 species of native flora and fauna. A classic Australian cookie is the ANZAC cookie, which was sent to soldiers fighting in Europe during World War I.

Balfour frog cakes, a traditional South Australian treat, have been around for nearly 100 years. European carp is not considered edible by most Australians despite being common in European kitchens. Some of Australia's most famous wine regions include The Hunter Valley in New South Wales; Clare Valley, The Barossa and Coonawarra in South Australia; the Yarra Valley in Victoria; Margaret River in Western Australia; and Tamar Valley in Tasmania.

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